summer fun in the sun

Its very easy to forget, in the general excitement of last minute holiday preparations, to make sure you have your eye needs covered.

Whether we need vision correction or not it is better to be prepared for your holiday requirements.

lake boat

If you are a contact lens wearer remember to bring enough lenses for your holiday and if you wear reusable contacts have a spare pair with you. Pack your solutions in your hold luggage (as you cannot take more than 100ml in your hand luggage).

My advise to patients is always to take your contact lenses out for a flight – the re-circulated air in airplanes can often be drying for the eyes and make the contact lenses very uncomfortable. Some people (both contact lens wearers and non wearers) find it comforting to use eye drops when flying – there are lots of different types available – I do think that both Thealoz and Hyabak from Spectrum Thea are two of the best as they can be used both with and without contact lenses.

Contact lens wearers should bring spectacles with them not only for the flight but also to give your eyes a break.
For spectacle wearers it is also useful to pack a spare pair if you have them. Over the years we have had many requests to fax or email prescriptions abroad because of accidents with glasses or even forgetting to bring them on holiday. I have broken a pair of glasses on a flight to Orlando and had to go through US Customs wearing my prescription sunglasses – those guys did not have a sense of humour about that.





Protection from the sun is vital – if you are a contact lens wearer – or do not need a prescription then a decent pair of sunglasses is vital – make sure that they give full UV protection (all of our sunglasses at eyelines offer full UV protection). Polarised sunglasses are also an option that will cut out excessive glare from water sand or even wet roads.


Prescription sunglass can be made to cover all prescriptive needs whether for reading on the beach or driving across Australia come in and speak to us and we can find the perfect solution for both visual and fashion requirements.

If you are driving abroad it is worth checking the legal requirements for that country as some will insist that you have a spare pair of spectacles if you need them to drive.

Often when on holiday there is a good chance that you will partake in some water sports – water- borne bacteria can cause eye infections especially in contact lens wearers so if you are swimming/snorkelling/Scuba diving then it is best not to wear your contacts. Prescription swimming goggles and inserts for diving masks are another option.

Most importantly enjoy your holiday whether you are camping in the UK, Inter-railing across Europe or travelling to the far flung corners of the world – have fun and keep your eyes protected.


why are Ray Ban’s so popular?

It’s strange to think that a product that is 77 years old is still incredibly popular today

Ray-Ban Aviators were produced in 1937 to help US Air Force Pilots combat the glare caused by the sun flying at high altitude. The iconic green lens removed the glare without obscuring vision and a legend was born.


From a military application the name became one of the most iconic brands on the planet – Why ?

Fantastic Product – famous designs – quality construction – 12 lens options – all providing full UV protection

Great Marketing Campaigns – and probably more importantly being seen on the faces of the Rich and Famous – especially in the movies.






Ray Ban have been worn by the glitterati since the 1950’s from Marylin Monroe and JFK through to Emma Watson and David Beckham with Bob Dylan – Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn Tom Cruise and the Blues Brothers in between.



Their popularity has changed over the years but currently they seem to be THE brand for the Under 30’s both in Sunglasses and Ophthalmic frames.

Come in and see the range that we have in stock and you too may join the glitterati – we cant promise paparazzi  outside the practice but you never know!

(Of course other sunglasses brands are available – lots of them can be seen at eyelines)