how do you solve a problem like myopia

In a previous blog post I mentioned the increase in Myopia that some have likened to an epidemic.

Apart from correcting the vision traditionally with spectacles or daily wear contact lenses what else is available – especially for  children.



Refractive Surgery has been an option in various form since the mid 1960’s and whilst techniques have been improving it is still usually not recommended for those under the age of 21 (or at least until any prescription changes have stabilised).

For a lot of  patients the thought of having any form of surgery will be enough to dissuade them from this option.

Happy snapping

Another possibility is Orthokeratology – or Ortho K – a technique of overnight contact lens wear that gently reshapes the cornea by about the thickness  of a hair. I have been using this technique in the practice for nearly 10 years.  (Previous Blog Post on Ortho K)

Until recently I have used Ortho K  mainly on adults but in the last 6 months I have been fitting the  lenses more and more to children with excellent results.

Isabella Green drawing a

One of the first youngsters that I fitted last summer was Isabella  whose extended  family have been with the practice for many years. Isabella had been wearing spectacles for six months and her myopia was increasing rapidly, her father is quite myopic so Isabella was concerned that she would follow a similar pattern. We discussed all of the options available and decided to fit Ortho K – with great success.  Isabella has recently featured in a news article  about  Ortho K on ITV Meridian News.

ITV Meridian News Feature

Since Isabella’s success I have had an increasing number of children coming along and being fitted with Ortho K and it has proven to be a wonderful tool to enable children to cope with an active lifestyle without having to worry about vision, glasses or contact lenses during the day.


Boy Heading a Soccer Ball - Isolated

If you are interested in Ortho K or any aspect of either your eyes or your childs eyes  then contact us to have a chat about it.



1985 – not quite George Orwell

30 years ago – 1985

Bob Geldof & Midge Ure tried to Feed the World at Live Aid


The Wreck of the Titanic was discovered.

Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior was blown up and sunk in Auckland harbour.

Microsoft Launches Windows 1.0


Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader  of the Soviet union and helps change the world.

Two football stadium disasters. The Bradford Stadium Fire and several weeks later The Heysel Stadium disaster.

Everton win the League – Man Utd. The FA Cup

Huey Lewis & The News, a-Ha, Falco , Madonna and Tears for Fears all feature in the pop charts.

Back to the Future hits the cinema screens – along with Rambo II, Rocky IV,  The Colour Purple & Goonies (along with many other classics)

Moonlighting & The Golden Girls featured on TV as well as a Soap that started that year  set in London – Eastenders

And on Saturday 9th November 1985 eyelines opened its doors for the very first time.

30 years later eyelines is still providing quality eye care for the people of Sevenoaks.

pretty in pink

The first week in October in Sevenoaks is normally designated “Pink Week”


In aid of BCC

Shops and businesses are decorated in pink to raise awareness and hopefully some money for Breast Cancer Care – the breast cancer support charity.


It all starts off on Saturday 4th October with a Pink Street Party hosted by Lisa Snowden from Capital Radio.


Eyelines are getting involved – we have decorated the shop in Pink – the staff will be mainly wearing Pink and we will be raising money for the charity all week.


you can visit the charitys website here

and for those brat pack fans who hoped I was doing a retro 80’s blog here you go :

pretty in pink

50 shades of grey (or gray)

No its not about that book or the film adaptation


It is almost a year since we re branded  eyelines with shop refit – new logos – new website and new colours , and we feel that it has been a very successful change.

What has been very evident over the last year – and prior to that – is just how many businesses and shops are now using grey in their colour schemes or as a colour for a shop-front. Maybe John Major was correct about Grey

eyelines have two different shades of grey in our logo and a third as our main shopfront colour.


Walking around Sevenoaks yesterday I could see that a lot of other companies have had a similar idea – maybe not 50 shades but certainly a lot of them:  samples below

(Thanks to Hanna @ Ditto my colour guru for lending me the Pantone Cards)


And as for grEy or grAy it depends on what side of the Atlantic you hail from and that is irrelevant for the book as the Grey in the book is of course a Surname.




eye(had a)dream

Eyedream contact lens vision therapy is a modern take on Orthokeratology – a technique that reshapes the cornea and enables clear vision throughout the day without the need for spectacles or contact lenses.


No need to worry about over wearing your contact lenses
No need to worry about dry dusty environments and irritable eyes.
No need to struggle with sports and your spectacles


Eyedream is suitable for low to mid myopes (shortsighted people) who want the freedom of clear vision without spectacles, contact lenses or are worried about the risks of surgical techniques.

Custom made contact lenses are worn overnight that gently reshape your cornea and give you clear vision throughout the day. Once your vision is corrected you need to wear a pair of retainer lenses every night.
(I have several patients who only need to put in their Eyedream lenses every second or third night)


Orthokeratology and eyedream lenses have also been shown to control the progression of Myopia in Children and adults. As well as gently flattening the cornea (this is how they correct the shortsightedness) there has been some evidence that suggests that the use of these lenses will also reduce the growth in eyeball length – which is a major factor in the progression of myopia.


At eyelines we have been fitting Eyedream lenses for the last 8 years with a lot of very happy patients using the technique. If you are interested contact us for further information.