myopia control on the BBC

The BBC World Service’s CrowdScience website has a couple of interesting pieces about Short-sightedness and myopia control.


The link below is to a video that they have produced showing some of the measures that are being used in Singapore to try and reduce childhood Myopia.

Singapore’s measures to reduce short-sightedness

This is a clip from the longer podcast

Are Screens Bad For My Child’s Eyes


I am a big advocate of the benefits of natural light  and in reducing screen time and  I have been very proactive in telling my young patients to try and get at least 14 hrs per week outside but as any parent know it is very difficult for a teenager (and often even younger) to be parted from their smart phones/tablets/laptops.





When I speak to my young patients who are doing lots of studying about what they do when they take a break from the revision or homework –  almost all of them tell me that they will go straight on some form of  social media – this may be a mental break from the Battle of Passchendaele or from conjugating Latin verbs but it will not give the eyes a rest. 


They do look very skeptical when I suggest that a break should be going outside – without their devices. I have had one parent suggest to me that they feel it would take surgical removal to take away the phone from their 15 year old child.


Currently Atropine is not licensed for myopia control use in the UK. But as has been mentioned in previous blog posts  we do use OrthoKeratology  how do you solve a problem like myopia 

and the new mi-Sight soft contact lens  miSight Myopia Control options for Myopia control.








iStock_000030825040_XXXLargeMay & June – Exam season – GCSE’s, A- Levels, International Baccalaureate

All designed to stress the visual system to its maximum.

Digital devices usage is increasing in everyday life, how many of us go any length of time before we are peering at our screens. I am as guilty of this as anyone else.



I have been asked a lot by patients what can be done to help? Do I need glasses? Should I sit closer/further away from the screen – and lots more similar questions.


The easiest piece of advice that I can give – that does work is the 20-20-20 rule:





I have said to my kids and say to all my patients who are studying that taking a break from the books and picking up the Phone , Tablet or laptop to log into social media is not resting your eyes. Looking into the distance is when the eyes are at their most relaxed natural state.


There are lots of Apps available that use the 20 20 20 rule and have a timer that will alert you when its time to rest and relax the eyes. Look out the window – even better get outside and get some fresh air as well .


Good luck to all our patients in their exams and remember 20/20/20.