miSight Myopia Control

At eyelines we have been using overnight Ortho-K contact lenses for myopia control for a number of years with great success.

However overnight contact lens wear is not for everyone.


CooperVision have recently launched the first soft contact lens proven to slow the progression of myopia.


MiSight packshot

CooperVision MiSight 1 day – are daily disposable lenses that are suitable for myopic children as young as 8 years old.


MiSight lenses have been shown to reduce myopia progression by nearly 60%.\


Natural daylight has been shown to help as well – At least 14 hours per week spent outside will reduce the progression of myopia.

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Slowing the progression of myopia has long term benefits for the health of the eyes. High level myopic eyes are at greater risk of developing Glaucoma and Retinal detachments and can develop cataracts at an earlier age than normal.


If you are interested in finding out more about MiSight lenses or any form of Myopia Control then contact the practice


how do you solve a problem like myopia

In a previous blog post I mentioned the increase in Myopia that some have likened to an epidemic.

Apart from correcting the vision traditionally with spectacles or daily wear contact lenses what else is available – especially for  children.



Refractive Surgery has been an option in various form since the mid 1960’s and whilst techniques have been improving it is still usually not recommended for those under the age of 21 (or at least until any prescription changes have stabilised).

For a lot of  patients the thought of having any form of surgery will be enough to dissuade them from this option.

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Another possibility is Orthokeratology – or Ortho K – a technique of overnight contact lens wear that gently reshapes the cornea by about the thickness  of a hair. I have been using this technique in the practice for nearly 10 years.  (Previous Blog Post on Ortho K)

Until recently I have used Ortho K  mainly on adults but in the last 6 months I have been fitting the  lenses more and more to children with excellent results.

Isabella Green drawing a

One of the first youngsters that I fitted last summer was Isabella  whose extended  family have been with the practice for many years. Isabella had been wearing spectacles for six months and her myopia was increasing rapidly, her father is quite myopic so Isabella was concerned that she would follow a similar pattern. We discussed all of the options available and decided to fit Ortho K – with great success.  Isabella has recently featured in a news article  about  Ortho K on ITV Meridian News.

ITV Meridian News Feature

Since Isabella’s success I have had an increasing number of children coming along and being fitted with Ortho K and it has proven to be a wonderful tool to enable children to cope with an active lifestyle without having to worry about vision, glasses or contact lenses during the day.


Boy Heading a Soccer Ball - Isolated

If you are interested in Ortho K or any aspect of either your eyes or your childs eyes  then contact us to have a chat about it.



“myopia epidemic”

Recent studies on childhood shortsightedness both in the UK and in the US have shown that the condition is on the increase.

Both the studies from California and Northern Ireland have shown that there are twice as many children today who are myopic than in the 1960’s.

16.4% now compared to 7.2% in 1960

The study also showed that children with one myopic parent were three times more likely to become myopic than those who had non myopic parents. Those who have two parents with myopia were seven times more likely to be myopic.

The Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction Study also found that children were becoming myopic at an earlier age.  Myopia is more likely to occur between the ages of 6 and 13.


There are many opinions on what the reasons for this increase in shortsightedness are but opinion seems to suggest that too much time indoors on mobile devices and not enough time outdoors is a factor.

Myopia is generally a progressive condition so it is worth keepin an eye on (apologies for the awful pun).

I will blog later on some of the options that are available to both correct the vision and also to control the myopia.



acuvue launch 2 new products

Two new products from Johnson & Johnson have added to their already extensive portfolio of contact lenses.

Both products are based upon the highly successful 1 Day Moist material

1-Day Acuvue define



is a lens to enhance the natural beauty of patients eyes.

shim shinA special Limbal darkening ring provides greater definition and a light effect pattern helps make your eyes shine

The two lenses will enhance not change the colour of your eyes, and with 1- Day Moist technology will provide excellent comfort  oxygenation and vision.


The second addition to the portfolio is the Acuvue 1 Day Moist Multifocal

This new product will not launch nationally until June 2015 – I have been part of an assessment panel and have had access to the lens for the last two weeks. It seems – so far- to be one of the best multifocal contact lenses that I have fitted – the patients are getting great vision at all distances and with the usual comfortable fit that is expected with the Moist material.

If this turns out long term to be as successful a product as the initial fits suggest, then it will be a powerful tool to have.

We are an ageing population – we are keeping active much longer and we do want to continue wearing our contact lenses

There have always been problems translating what can be achieved with varifocal spectacles into a contact lens. Many manufacturers have come up with different methods of doing this with varying degrees of success.

The multiple combinations of power and the fact that Johnson & Johnson have taken into account the effect that  pupil size has on the ability to see means that this new lens has real potential .

get the x factor with eyelines & acuvue



Its that time of the year again when thousands of potential superstars put themselves in the firing line before Simon Cheryl Mel and Louis – 5 minutes of fame or global super-stardom who knows.

Acuvue contact lenses are working in conjunction with the x factor and are offering the chance for 7 new Acuvue wearers to win VIP passes for one of the live shows.

Any contact lens wearer who has a trial of Acuvue brand contact lenses and is over 16 will get a free entry into the draw.


Acuvue contact lenses are available in hundreds of different permutations so they can provide a very comfortable contact lens that will provide excellent vision regardless of the prescription.

Short sightedness Long sightedness Astigmatism Presbyopia all covered by Acuvue.


Call in and see us for more information or contact us for an appointment . (Bring along your microphone and entertain us at the same time)


eye(had a)dream

Eyedream contact lens vision therapy is a modern take on Orthokeratology – a technique that reshapes the cornea and enables clear vision throughout the day without the need for spectacles or contact lenses.


No need to worry about over wearing your contact lenses
No need to worry about dry dusty environments and irritable eyes.
No need to struggle with sports and your spectacles


Eyedream is suitable for low to mid myopes (shortsighted people) who want the freedom of clear vision without spectacles, contact lenses or are worried about the risks of surgical techniques.

Custom made contact lenses are worn overnight that gently reshape your cornea and give you clear vision throughout the day. Once your vision is corrected you need to wear a pair of retainer lenses every night.
(I have several patients who only need to put in their Eyedream lenses every second or third night)


Orthokeratology and eyedream lenses have also been shown to control the progression of Myopia in Children and adults. As well as gently flattening the cornea (this is how they correct the shortsightedness) there has been some evidence that suggests that the use of these lenses will also reduce the growth in eyeball length – which is a major factor in the progression of myopia.


At eyelines we have been fitting Eyedream lenses for the last 8 years with a lot of very happy patients using the technique. If you are interested contact us for further information.

summer fun in the sun

Its very easy to forget, in the general excitement of last minute holiday preparations, to make sure you have your eye needs covered.

Whether we need vision correction or not it is better to be prepared for your holiday requirements.

lake boat

If you are a contact lens wearer remember to bring enough lenses for your holiday and if you wear reusable contacts have a spare pair with you. Pack your solutions in your hold luggage (as you cannot take more than 100ml in your hand luggage).

My advise to patients is always to take your contact lenses out for a flight – the re-circulated air in airplanes can often be drying for the eyes and make the contact lenses very uncomfortable. Some people (both contact lens wearers and non wearers) find it comforting to use eye drops when flying – there are lots of different types available – I do think that both Thealoz and Hyabak from Spectrum Thea are two of the best as they can be used both with and without contact lenses.

Contact lens wearers should bring spectacles with them not only for the flight but also to give your eyes a break.
For spectacle wearers it is also useful to pack a spare pair if you have them. Over the years we have had many requests to fax or email prescriptions abroad because of accidents with glasses or even forgetting to bring them on holiday. I have broken a pair of glasses on a flight to Orlando and had to go through US Customs wearing my prescription sunglasses – those guys did not have a sense of humour about that.





Protection from the sun is vital – if you are a contact lens wearer – or do not need a prescription then a decent pair of sunglasses is vital – make sure that they give full UV protection (all of our sunglasses at eyelines offer full UV protection). Polarised sunglasses are also an option that will cut out excessive glare from water sand or even wet roads.


Prescription sunglass can be made to cover all prescriptive needs whether for reading on the beach or driving across Australia come in and speak to us and we can find the perfect solution for both visual and fashion requirements.

If you are driving abroad it is worth checking the legal requirements for that country as some will insist that you have a spare pair of spectacles if you need them to drive.

Often when on holiday there is a good chance that you will partake in some water sports – water- borne bacteria can cause eye infections especially in contact lens wearers so if you are swimming/snorkelling/Scuba diving then it is best not to wear your contacts. Prescription swimming goggles and inserts for diving masks are another option.

Most importantly enjoy your holiday whether you are camping in the UK, Inter-railing across Europe or travelling to the far flung corners of the world – have fun and keep your eyes protected.