camera-eye : eye-camera

I had a young patient (8 yrs old)  in for an eye examination  this week who was explaining to me how his teacher told the class that the human eye was based on a camera.

I did try and explain that really it was the other way round but he was having none of it because “his teacher told him that the eye was based on the camera and She is always correct”

The lens of the camera focuses light onto the film (or digital plate)

The lens inside your eye focus light onto the retina.

The aperture can be adjusted on a camera to let differing amouts of light in – in the eye it is the iris that does this job.

A camera lens can be moved backwards and forwards to change the focus – in the eye it is the Ciliary muscles that change the shape of the lens to alter the focus.


The young lad is quite keen on photography as am I and we got into a discussion about taking photos- it led to me looking through some of my old photo files – which is an excuse for me to post some images here.


(All of these images were taken by and are owned by me so please do not use them without permission.)


Local children on the slopes of Mount Pinatubo – Philippines


Manila Fish Market


Alaskan Costal Brown Bear – near Anchorage


American Bald Eagle


Green Turtle


Red Panda


Zantedeschia aethiopaca



The improvement in camera technology over the years means that all of us can become budding photographers with nothing more than our phones – although these were all taken with an Olympus E510 DSLR – except for the underwater shot of the turtle taken with a Fuji Fine Pix XP90





how do you solve a problem like myopia

In a previous blog post I mentioned the increase in Myopia that some have likened to an epidemic.

Apart from correcting the vision traditionally with spectacles or daily wear contact lenses what else is available – especially for  children.



Refractive Surgery has been an option in various form since the mid 1960’s and whilst techniques have been improving it is still usually not recommended for those under the age of 21 (or at least until any prescription changes have stabilised).

For a lot of  patients the thought of having any form of surgery will be enough to dissuade them from this option.

Happy snapping

Another possibility is Orthokeratology – or Ortho K – a technique of overnight contact lens wear that gently reshapes the cornea by about the thickness  of a hair. I have been using this technique in the practice for nearly 10 years.  (Previous Blog Post on Ortho K)

Until recently I have used Ortho K  mainly on adults but in the last 6 months I have been fitting the  lenses more and more to children with excellent results.

Isabella Green drawing a

One of the first youngsters that I fitted last summer was Isabella  whose extended  family have been with the practice for many years. Isabella had been wearing spectacles for six months and her myopia was increasing rapidly, her father is quite myopic so Isabella was concerned that she would follow a similar pattern. We discussed all of the options available and decided to fit Ortho K – with great success.  Isabella has recently featured in a news article  about  Ortho K on ITV Meridian News.

ITV Meridian News Feature

Since Isabella’s success I have had an increasing number of children coming along and being fitted with Ortho K and it has proven to be a wonderful tool to enable children to cope with an active lifestyle without having to worry about vision, glasses or contact lenses during the day.


Boy Heading a Soccer Ball - Isolated

If you are interested in Ortho K or any aspect of either your eyes or your childs eyes  then contact us to have a chat about it.



“myopia epidemic”

Recent studies on childhood shortsightedness both in the UK and in the US have shown that the condition is on the increase.

Both the studies from California and Northern Ireland have shown that there are twice as many children today who are myopic than in the 1960’s.

16.4% now compared to 7.2% in 1960

The study also showed that children with one myopic parent were three times more likely to become myopic than those who had non myopic parents. Those who have two parents with myopia were seven times more likely to be myopic.

The Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction Study also found that children were becoming myopic at an earlier age.  Myopia is more likely to occur between the ages of 6 and 13.


There are many opinions on what the reasons for this increase in shortsightedness are but opinion seems to suggest that too much time indoors on mobile devices and not enough time outdoors is a factor.

Myopia is generally a progressive condition so it is worth keepin an eye on (apologies for the awful pun).

I will blog later on some of the options that are available to both correct the vision and also to control the myopia.



the sale @eyelines

Unlike a lot of other  optical practices (and other retail establishments) eyelines very rarely hold a sale – the last time was about 6 years ago.

We have decided to look at the ranges that we carry and try and free up  space for some new ranges and some new stock.

Therefore there are a lot of bargains to be had.

Frame prices starting from £1.50

Come in and have a look.

1985 – not quite George Orwell

30 years ago – 1985

Bob Geldof & Midge Ure tried to Feed the World at Live Aid


The Wreck of the Titanic was discovered.

Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior was blown up and sunk in Auckland harbour.

Microsoft Launches Windows 1.0


Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader  of the Soviet union and helps change the world.

Two football stadium disasters. The Bradford Stadium Fire and several weeks later The Heysel Stadium disaster.

Everton win the League – Man Utd. The FA Cup

Huey Lewis & The News, a-Ha, Falco , Madonna and Tears for Fears all feature in the pop charts.

Back to the Future hits the cinema screens – along with Rambo II, Rocky IV,  The Colour Purple & Goonies (along with many other classics)

Moonlighting & The Golden Girls featured on TV as well as a Soap that started that year  set in London – Eastenders

And on Saturday 9th November 1985 eyelines opened its doors for the very first time.

30 years later eyelines is still providing quality eye care for the people of Sevenoaks.

ireland beat the all blacks to win the rugby world cup (and then I wake up)

After years of planning and 4 years of waiting since the last final, the Rugby World Cup is almost upon us. Twenty teams will battle it out to lift the Webb Ellis Trophy at Twickenham on the 31st October. With realistically 7 in with a chance of winning. (New Zealand, England, Australia, Ireland, Wales, France & South Africa)


Due to the vagaries of the rankings system and the fact that the groups were drawn 2+ years ago England, Wales & Australia have been drawn together (along with Fiji who are also ranked in the top 10 in the world- with only Uruguay deemed to be an easier match)  in Pool A – only 2 will go though to the quarter finals so one of my “7” will not get out of the group.

Prm vs England Rugby 6 Aug 2015

I will of course be fully behind Ireland’s  bid to actually perform in a World Cup – they have never made it past the quarter finals. A relatively easy start against Canada then Romania & Italy will hopefully leave the final game against France to decide the group winners. Winning this group should mean avoiding New Zealand until the Final.

Fergus Wanganui

Ireland have never beaten New Zealand so the final would be the time to do it.

Of course that means getting past France – who are not in great form have had lots of disruption in the build up to the tournament – and played poorly in the last couple of seasons – so probably will perform magnificently and make it all the way to the final.


I have been fortunate enough to get some match tickets via my rugby club       (Chipstead RFC) and will be going along to Ireland V Romania, Ireland V Italy and   New Zealand V Namibia. As ever I fully expect the British public to embrace these major sporting events as they have in the past (Olympics Tour de France etc etc)


With my rugby coaches hat on I also fully expect that there will be an increase in the numbers of kids who want to take up rugby – especially if England do well. Rugby clubs across the country have been gearing themselves up to meet the increased demands that are expected. More Coaches More pitch space and most importantly more of those lovely volunteers who make the Teas Coffees and Bacon rolls.


So I will be very happy for England to Win their group  Win the Quarter final and then go out to a wonderful Irish display in the semi final who go on to finally beat New Zealand in the final – ( at which point I will probably wake up and realise that I have been dreaming again)

Paul & Mary – Mel & Sue


Of all the various competitive reality shows that are on our TV screens the only one that I have any time for is The Great British Bake Off.


Although most of the application process is kept confidential it does seem that the final 12 at least have some level of skill when it comes to baking – unlike a lot of the other “talent” shows when I suspect that some of the hopefuls put into the auditions, are done so purely for the entertainment value of their failures.


So I watched with anticipation on Wednesday night and wasn’t disappointed – Mel and Sue bring the right amount of comedic value and empathy (In equal amounts) to the programme and it is wonderful television to see the terror on the bakers faces as they wait for Paul & Mary to cast judgement over their creations


doughnuts 3

Inevitably watching the programme makes me want to pull out the Kitchen Aid eggs & flour  and start baking – although to be honest the only thing the family feel that I am capable of making to a sufficient standard is Meringues and Muffins


So that’s Wednesday evenings sorted out for the next couple of months after the first episode I have yet to decide who I want to win and who probably will win (never the same person) – but it will be fun finding out -and I may even attempt some of the bakes- especially the savoury ones.

Mamils Wiggo Cav & more

I sat with my sons last Sunday night and watched engrossed as a man went round in circles for an hour.

Bradley Wiggins broke the UCI hour record with a distance of 54.526KM round the Lee Valley Velodrome in London – it would have been great to be there to see it in person but the tickets sold out in under 7 minutes.

I do know that cycling clubs and fanatics got together to watch and cheer him on. – As well as following on the TV I was watching the Twitter updates

It looked from Twitter  as if there was a large raucous crowd packed into The Velo House at Tunbridge Wells to watch  (If you havent visited it yet well worth it for Kit repairs and especially the food and beer, Olly and the rest of the crew will make you feel very welcome)

I have been back on the bike again lately a lot (hence the mamil) with my 14 yr old son. We found a flat piece of road and tried to cycle it at that pace – maybe for 20 or 30 seconds (with the wind behind and a slight downhill slope) but for 60 minutes – that is incredible. Although new to road cycling my son has learned really quickly to tuck in behind me – use my bulk as a windbreak and then power past me to get up the final part of the hills in front – or to leave me in his dust half a mile from home – clever lad or a sod I am not sure which.

Oakley have just launched some new lenses specifically for Road cycling – Prizm Road – Colour tuned lenses for specific sports & environments to provide greater detail and colour enhancement. They are also available in specific formats for Golf – Trail – Angling & General use (Prizm Daily)

oakley Prizm

Oakley have also been working closely with Mark Cavendish who wanted full frame protection (Racing Jacket)  along with the field of view of a shield (Radar Lock) – they have come up with Jawbreaker – available in 12 colours including Cav’s signature Black & Green with the Cavendish logo etched into the lens. The various Prizm lenses are also available to fit the Jawbreaker


We have Jawbreaker and various frames with the Prizm lens in stock – come in and try them.

more than one eyelines

Googling eyelines will of course come up with our website but it also shows 2 other eyelines. Eyelines in Chicago eyelineschic3 eyelines chi eyelines chi 1 And Eyelines in Tasmania eyelineslogo aus

 eyelines aus

as well as good old eyelines Sevenoaks



Nice to see the eyelines name around the world – I wonder with the ease of access to everywhere in the world do the three eyelines ever get confused patients.