camera-eye : eye-camera

I had a young patient (8 yrs old)  in for an eye examination  this week who was explaining to me how his teacher told the class that the human eye was based on a camera.

I did try and explain that really it was the other way round but he was having none of it because “his teacher told him that the eye was based on the camera and She is always correct”

The lens of the camera focuses light onto the film (or digital plate)

The lens inside your eye focus light onto the retina.

The aperture can be adjusted on a camera to let differing amouts of light in – in the eye it is the iris that does this job.

A camera lens can be moved backwards and forwards to change the focus – in the eye it is the Ciliary muscles that change the shape of the lens to alter the focus.


The young lad is quite keen on photography as am I and we got into a discussion about taking photos- it led to me looking through some of my old photo files – which is an excuse for me to post some images here.


(All of these images were taken by and are owned by me so please do not use them without permission.)


Local children on the slopes of Mount Pinatubo – Philippines


Manila Fish Market


Alaskan Costal Brown Bear – near Anchorage


American Bald Eagle


Green Turtle


Red Panda


Zantedeschia aethiopaca



The improvement in camera technology over the years means that all of us can become budding photographers with nothing more than our phones – although these were all taken with an Olympus E510 DSLR – except for the underwater shot of the turtle taken with a Fuji Fine Pix XP90