new GBBO – fancy bakes and fancy specs

as has been mentioned in a previous blog , I love watching Great British Bake Off , it is fun friendly nice programme and the contestants genuinely seem to get on well and actually want each other to succeed. ( If we ignore freezergate from the 2014 series)


Untitled design


I was looking forward to the move from BBC to Channel 4 – not that I have anything against the good old beeb but I do like Sandy Toksvig and Noel Fielding. The new batch of contestants are great , the baking is superb and I think that Sandy Noel and Pru Leith have all added to the show, whilst Paul Hollywood is still keeping all the contestants waiting for that sought after handshake. Sandy in particular really seems emotionally caught up in the success and failures of the contestants and I do like Noel’s fashion sense.



With my optical hat on I do look forward each week to see what specs Pru will be modelling. So far they have all been frames  by Ronit Furst a wonderful hand painted collection that has been available at eyelines for the last 10 years.


Group Gold Leaves TortoiseShells



So if you want to look as stylish as Pru come in and try some on – there is of course no guarantee that you will be able to bake as well as her.







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