not a dry eye in the house


Itchy, sticky,gritty,dry,weepy,burning,red all words that are regularly used to describe the symptoms of dry eye.

We are seeing more and more people coming in to the practice with dry eye symptoms. It seems that a lot of patients feel that the underlying cause is VDU and Electronic gadget use.

Whilst this may well be a factor there are other things to consider – we live in centrally heated, sealed houses, our workplaces are generally very dry , we drive around in air conditioned cars, we do not keep ourselves properly hydrated, age ,  some medications, hormonal changes,  diet.

All of these can be factors – the important thing is what can be done to not only relieve the symptoms but also to determine the cause and implement a treatment plan.


At eyelines we can carry out a full dry eye assessment to determine what the cause is and can implement a treatment plan to not only relieve the symptoms in the short term but to mange the condition to give long term comfort.


Dry eye drops can be used to lubricate and hydrate the surface of the eye, in order to help to restore and maintain the natural balance of tear composition. Modern eye drops can also  protect the eye from environmental stresses. Some are also available in gel form for longer lasting relief, particularly overnight. We generally recommend eye drops that do not contain preservatives.


Heat Treatment on the eyelids can also give short term relief as well as helping to restore the efficiency of the tear flow.




Nutritional supplements can also be beneficial in treatment of dry eye.






A new treatment programme for dry eye that we are carrying out at eyelines is the Blephex treatment.

A soft medical grade sponge is moved across the eyelids and base of the eyelashes, whilst it spins it  removes debris and bacterial build-up that contributes to blockages of the glands in the eyelids.


Blepharitis – pre Blephex treatment.


Post Blephex treatment.

This is similar to a dental hygienist removing plaque, the unblocking of the glands and the removal of the biofilm build-up from the lids means long term relief and clean clear comfortable eyes.



Contact us at eyelines to discuss further any dry eye issues that you may have.