cpd makes me feel old

I have just attended an all day conference in London hosted by one of our  suppliers Thea Pharaceuticals. It enabled me to gain some valuable CPD (Continuing  Professional  Development) and to catch up with some of the changes in Optics.

It was a full days course with a mix of Lectures Workshops and Peer reviews with a choice of options depending on what your requirements were.

I choose to attend a Peer Discussion on Interpretation of OCT cases. A Workshop on Dry Eye & Blepharitis Management and Lectures on Blinking and  Vitamin D Deficiency.

I managed to learn at least one new thing from each of the sessions I attended and will make sutble changes to what we do in practice – which really is the point of CPD.

When I first qualified it was not compulsary to do any further education – although I always have.  It now is a condition of registration with our professional body – but I  enjoy expanding by knowledge and it is always of benefit to the practice and our patients.

I also met up with a couple of Optometrists who I had not seen since we graduated – and we realised that we graduated nearly 25 years ago – hence why CPD makes me feel old.



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