Paul & Mary – Mel & Sue


Of all the various competitive reality shows that are on our TV screens the only one that I have any time for is The Great British Bake Off.


Although most of the application process is kept confidential it does seem that the final 12 at least have some level of skill when it comes to baking – unlike a lot of the other “talent” shows when I suspect that some of the hopefuls put into the auditions, are done so purely for the entertainment value of their failures.


So I watched with anticipation on Wednesday night and wasn’t disappointed – Mel and Sue bring the right amount of comedic value and empathy (In equal amounts) to the programme and it is wonderful television to see the terror on the bakers faces as they wait for Paul & Mary to cast judgement over their creations


doughnuts 3

Inevitably watching the programme makes me want to pull out the Kitchen Aid eggs & flourĀ  and start baking – although to be honest the only thing the family feel that I am capable of making to a sufficient standard is Meringues and Muffins


So that’s Wednesday evenings sorted out for the next couple of months after the first episode I have yet to decide who I want to win and who probably will win (never the same person) – but it will be fun finding out -and I may even attempt some of the bakes- especially the savoury ones.