Mamils Wiggo Cav & more

I sat with my sons last Sunday night and watched engrossed as a man went round in circles for an hour.

Bradley Wiggins broke the UCI hour record with a distance of 54.526KM round the Lee Valley Velodrome in London – it would have been great to be there to see it in person but the tickets sold out in under 7 minutes.

I do know that cycling clubs and fanatics got together to watch and cheer him on. – As well as following on the TV I was watching the Twitter updates

It looked from Twitter  as if there was a large raucous crowd packed into The Velo House at Tunbridge Wells to watch  (If you havent visited it yet well worth it for Kit repairs and especially the food and beer, Olly and the rest of the crew will make you feel very welcome)

I have been back on the bike again lately a lot (hence the mamil) with my 14 yr old son. We found a flat piece of road and tried to cycle it at that pace – maybe for 20 or 30 seconds (with the wind behind and a slight downhill slope) but for 60 minutes – that is incredible. Although new to road cycling my son has learned really quickly to tuck in behind me – use my bulk as a windbreak and then power past me to get up the final part of the hills in front – or to leave me in his dust half a mile from home – clever lad or a sod I am not sure which.

Oakley have just launched some new lenses specifically for Road cycling – Prizm Road – Colour tuned lenses for specific sports & environments to provide greater detail and colour enhancement. They are also available in specific formats for Golf – Trail – Angling & General use (Prizm Daily)

oakley Prizm

Oakley have also been working closely with Mark Cavendish who wanted full frame protection (Racing Jacket)  along with the field of view of a shield (Radar Lock) – they have come up with Jawbreaker – available in 12 colours including Cav’s signature Black & Green with the Cavendish logo etched into the lens. The various Prizm lenses are also available to fit the Jawbreaker


We have Jawbreaker and various frames with the Prizm lens in stock – come in and try them.

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