acuvue launch 2 new products

Two new products from Johnson & Johnson have added to their already extensive portfolio of contact lenses.

Both products are based upon the highly successful 1 Day Moist material

1-Day Acuvue define



is a lens to enhance the natural beauty of patients eyes.

shim shinA special Limbal darkening ring provides greater definition and a light effect pattern helps make your eyes shine

The two lenses will enhance not change the colour of your eyes, and with 1- Day Moist technology will provide excellent comfort  oxygenation and vision.


The second addition to the portfolio is the Acuvue 1 Day Moist Multifocal

This new product will not launch nationally until June 2015 – I have been part of an assessment panel and have had access to the lens for the last two weeks. It seems – so far- to be one of the best multifocal contact lenses that I have fitted – the patients are getting great vision at all distances and with the usual comfortable fit that is expected with the Moist material.

If this turns out long term to be as successful a product as the initial fits suggest, then it will be a powerful tool to have.

We are an ageing population – we are keeping active much longer and we do want to continue wearing our contact lenses

There have always been problems translating what can be achieved with varifocal spectacles into a contact lens. Many manufacturers have come up with different methods of doing this with varying degrees of success.

The multiple combinations of power and the fact that Johnson & Johnson have taken into account the effect that  pupil size has on the ability to see means that this new lens has real potential .