green fingers

As a keen gardener early summer is probably my favourite time of the year
Normally I have had enough time after the rugby season has finished to have done a lot of the dirty jobs in the garden – clearing the paths – weeding the beds – edging the lawns- planting the vegetables leaving some time for simple maintenance and enjoyment.



I love being in my own garden but I really enjoy getting out to other gardens and there are lots in the Sevenoaks area that are worth a visit:
Knole ParkRiverhill Himalayan GardensHever CastlePenshurst Place

But my favourite 3 gardens to visit are:

Emmetts Garden in Ide Hill


Titsey Place in Oxted


and my number one is the RHS Gardens at Wisley



I can spend hours and hours wandering around Wisley marveling at the displays, the flowerbeds, the show gardens getting inspiration. I always come away from these gardens – normally lighter in the pocket having made purchases in the plant centre- full of great ideas that I will start to implement as soon as I get home.

Usually when I do get home I realise that the scale of my inspiration is far beyond my capabilities – the size of my garden and most importantly the fact that I do not have a full time team of gardeners and under-gardeners who will carry out the plans.

It is wonderful to visit these gardens to marvel at the work that has gone into them and to get inspiration that on a much smaller scale can be put into your own garden .

There is something very special about nurturing a plant from a cutting or from seed and seeing it grow and thrive and producing a wonderful display of flowers or fresh produce that you can pick and eat straight away (My Peas and Carrots never seem to get near a saucepan they are always eaten fresh from the pods or the soil). Sustenance for all the senses If I could just find a way to keep the bindweed at bay it would be perfect .


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