why are Ray Ban’s so popular?

It’s strange to think that a product that is 77 years old is still incredibly popular today

Ray-Ban Aviators were produced in 1937 to help US Air Force Pilots combat the glare caused by the sun flying at high altitude. The iconic green lens removed the glare without obscuring vision and a legend was born.


From a military application the name became one of the most iconic brands on the planet – Why ?

Fantastic Product – famous designs – quality construction – 12 lens options – all providing full UV protection

Great Marketing Campaigns – and probably more importantly being seen on the faces of the Rich and Famous – especially in the movies.






Ray Ban have been worn by the glitterati since the 1950’s from Marylin Monroe and JFK through to Emma Watson and David Beckham with Bob Dylan – Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn Tom Cruise and the Blues Brothers in between.



Their popularity has changed over the years but currently they seem to be THE brand for the Under 30’s both in Sunglasses and Ophthalmic frames.

Come in and see the range that we have in stock and you too may join the glitterati – we cant promise paparazzi  outside the practice but you never know!

(Of course other sunglasses brands are available – lots of them can be seen at eyelines)

once upon a time………………………

Reading – for education – entertainment – inspiration – everyone enjoys a good book –  but we now have choices when it comes to how we read – on your smartphone – your ipad – your laptop – your Kindle – or even just an old fashioned book.

People are often polarized by the choices now between “real” books and e-books – for years after my wife started reading e-books I was very much against them – my arguments – “its the touch feel and smell of a real book that is part of the pleasure – you dont need to charge a paperback – the battery will never run out – a real book just looks better” – all valid arguments but I have embraced e-books.


A patient was speaking to me of how they got an elderly relative to enjoy reading again by getting a Kindle (other E-readers are of course available) and increasing the font size so that books and newspapers could be read comfortably.

I bought a Kindle for the practice as I knew this could be a useful tool for those with visual problems. I realized very quickly that all my arguments against e-books were countermanded by all the positives – you can carry hundreds of books (great especially with luggage costs on airlines) you can download and start reading the book straight away   the books are less expensive – you can alter the print size to suit – nobody will know what you are reading – so no judgment on your literature choices. So I embraced the technology and bought my own Kindle and I love it.


Books or e-books ? really it doesnt matter – whats important is that we read.

Interestingly the sales figures for e-books and print books seems to be balancing out, the initial surge in e-book sales and the accompanying decline in print books is slowing down.


When you are reading no matter what format – make sure you take regular breaks – ensure good lighting – and if you are having any signs of eyestrain or being out of focus – book in for an appointment and we can make sure that you can read comfortably and enjoy the magic of a book.

We don’t need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don’ts: we need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever.” — Philip Pullman